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About our dogs and a little history!
We live in an old country house in lovely surroundings near the sea
in the south of Denmark. All our fantastic sighthounds live in the house
together with us as dearly beloved pets.
They sleep on the sofas and beds and have access to a huge fenced yard/garden area and a large field with a pond.

We attend shows whenever possible and hope to raise one, maybe two litters a year. The dogs are naturally our biggest interest and have been so for many years.

To go back to the very start, we began with Shelties way back in 1966,
and then bought the kennel prefix of "Eikica" in 1979.
Our first Greyhound was born in 1982 because by this time
we had fallen completely in love with this marvellous breed.

We have bred Greyhounds since 1988 with great dedication, enthusiasm,
love and understanding for the breed.
Our Greyhounds have, with a few exceptions, always been of show type,
as we love their exceptional beauty and elegance.
We have recently also had a few litters of Deerhounds and Irish Wolfhounds.
If you are looking for a top quality stud dog, then please check out the page
called “Greyhound boys” - or "Wolfhound boys".

If you are looking for a wonderful puppy or young dog,
then please contact us to see if we have planned a litter -
or have puppies available - see under "Puppy News" above.

If you want to see some beautiful specimens of Greyhounds bred by Eikica over the years, then check out the many photos under "Past Greyhounds".

There are links above to the Irish Wolfhounds and also to our Deerhound pages.

You are always welcome to write or call for advice and we are always happy to help anyone as much as we can...
Email: eikica@mail.dk

EIKICA was Breeder Of The Year of Irish Wolfhound 2011 & 2012

and we celebrated 40 years with the Eikica kennel
from September 1979 to September in 2019!

Hanne Eikica Böckhaus - Tel. +45 2021 1268 - email: eikica@mail.dk